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12 Best Lucrative Business Ideas To Make Money

June 10, 2018

Hello friends, it another beautiful time on my blog today, as i am used to telling people that is a land flowing with Milk and Honey.

As for me I kinda like the milk* than the honey, but which ever one you like, they are both good for the body, so let go a little further as we explore the milk and honey potential of this nation and how we can secure it and engage it to transform our world and generation.

There is nothing as painful and awful like potential that are not utilized and that are wasting away, is full of potentials and business investment opportunities and today we are going to show you best of those lucrative investment and business potentials, and how you can use them unto your own advantage.

1. Poultry Farming: This list will be totally incomplete without making mention of business ventures like poultry farming; it is one of the strongest business in right now, it is also one of the businesses that as attract foreign investorsa.

The major concept of poultry lucrativeness is the ability to supply the needed animal protein in our daily meal within the shortest possible period of time, with the help of genetics sciences, we now have broilers that reaches maturity in 1 month, the normal broilers uses 3 month, so research is making poultry business get even better daily.

Poultry meat is widely acceptable by everybody so you can be sure of making huge profits, there are two major aspect f the business “egg production and meat production” the broilers are the meat producers and the layers are the egg producers.

The both of them are in vogue; so you can make your choice which one you wish to invest into; eggs are produced at 22 weeks of raising the layers from day old and they lay pretty well so that you can realize more than enough egg daily to sell and make millions, having put in place effective and efficient system of management, poultry farming as put hope in the eyes of many hopeless and you can be the next, the truth is, right now in the market.

Egg are too much in high demand so currently the production level is yet to meet the demand, that is to tell you, there is a very huge buyers waiting to buy your egg and the same thing goes for the meat, You can learn how to start poultry farming here.

2. Maize Farming: There are some food crops that as also become cash crop, maize is one of them, though locally consumed but also fetches us foreign exchange, the concept of maize farming is just that, maize is an indispensable part of every man and livestock diet, so its an asset and a raw material at the same time, if you have the capacity, you can go on irrigation farming and grow maize all year round, instead of the seasonal maize we still have.

3. Sales and Distribution of Building Materials: Construction of various building and infrastructures are going on at its best today and you can use this to your own advantage, companies like dangote cement are a typical replica oof the profit margin that can be derive from the sales of building materials, its one of the surest business that guarantee such a great profit.

You can imagine how many resources that will be needed to complete the project or a house, Don’t just wait for the non-existing Jobs, you can start your own local shop selling building materials and with the profit you make in your 1st 6months, you can expand your business and make it greater.

4. Egg Production and Distribution: Even though I have mention poultry farming earlier, i still have to talk about egg production and distribution here, the reason is because this is a tangible business on it, and that is one of the specialization of the agro industry, ability to make you stable on your own and also have your sub-category business in your farming ventures; there are some people today, they are making most of their profits from agriculture but they never touch a farm implement neither do they ever get down to the farm land, but how?

Marketing and distribution is the key, egg is highly demanded in the market and so you can start a distribution and sales of egg in what i call, an ‘egg store’ where people from far and near can come in contact with you and buy egg, to make it easy, you can set up your own poultry layer farm and sell of your egg yourself and at the same time, you can just choose to buy egg from the farm at a wholesales profits and sell it bit by bit at your egg store and by so doing, you will be making good profits and good sales.

5. Real Estate Business: Landed property kind of business are not for babes, they are for real business giants that are ready to make some serious cash, the reason been that, they are capital intensive and the profit margin is high, is very high.

Every company, government infrastructures, firms, school, hostel, houses are all laid on the land, so everywhere people find themselves, land and shelter is a basic need and that is where the profit and potency of real estate business lies.

Everyone intending to start a big shopping mail,  a big commercial farm or a raw material processing industry needs “land”, you will always be relevant in this business as long as develop keep taking place in our society.

6. Fish Farming: Fish Farming is not just another lucrative business venture, its a boom!!! You can make a living on this business venture, you can earn millions year in year out, so many youth are now seeing the potentials in fish farming, fish is also another major source of our animal protein and at least almost every Family east Fish daily, so you can be sure of a stable ready market for your fish.

7. Small Scale Commodity Enterprise: There are so many petty needs have and they are always on the outlook for who will meet these needs of theirs, you can build a business around this needs and dominate it with time.

Some of this needs can easily be derived from raw materials and learning the skill can turn you into a producer overnight; some of this small daily needs are toothpastes, paints, oil, cosmetics, liquid soaps, shampoo, air freshener, furniture, bleach, insecticides are other household items, you can start some of this small business with as low as  #10,000 and buy your portfolio.

8. Recruitment Firm: The prevailing Unemployment is a big concern young school leavers, graduates and the government at large, while some students have taking measures to secure their after school life by starting a business and career, majority still wait to seek for the non-existing Jobs, however.

We do not neglect the place of job for graduates, but the continuous frustration as made many graduates to stop seeking for job, but if you are equipped with quality information you can start a recruitment firm, where graduates can submit their CVs, or get a better job and you are sure to make huge profits, companies like Jobberman as explore this particular business idea today and its speaking loudly.

9. Transport and Haulage Business: People move to and fro daily, on the way to their business and livelihood, travelling now is a normal and daily thing, the haulage industry as been a very lucrative one since the population is huge and everybody can not own their own car, even students are another major centers for success in transport business, securing good vehicles, reliable and trust worthy drivers with efficient human resources and capital are necessity for success in this business.

Although this business seems to be a little bit capital intensive and it requires a lot of technical-know how, you can also consider goods haulage; some rich and smart investors actually makes it easier by investing into the industry and having their service monitor by that transport agent officials while they get paid in return.

10. Food Production and Distribution: Food is a necessity for Life, we need food daily, we need food to survive, businessmen in places like lagos are already on their way to their work as early as 4am, except for the family men, not everyone will have that opportunity to cook in the morning before going out.

you can start a food production business today and there are divas ways to go about it, you cn set up a restaurant, food canteen, or have a depot where you use mobile chops to deliver food to people in various business centers across the cities.

You can be so sure of making profits and selling off your food, as a matter of fact, the food will not be enough because he more people get to know about your business, the more food they want to buy, this business can successful start and survive with 50k and above, based on your budget you can also start with 20k or even 10k and still build a good business in food industry.

11. Plantation Agriculture:  Planting of crop is one of the aspect of Agriculture that is very important, here i will not waste much time, i believe, an average already knows about planting of crops, but there are some particular essential crops that are of high relevant and make good cash for farmers, some of them includes; Cassava, Maize, Rice, Vegetable (efo, ugwu), Groundnut, wheat, fruits, orchard, yam, pineapple, plaintain, banana, these are highly profitable crops you can cultivate and make good profits in Agriculture plantation farming business.

12. Online Business/: is one of the fastest growing ventures today, many local business both online and offline now survive on the account of the web development and tools that as advanced over time.

Many writers in now live like kings and queen due to the development of technology, ICT and basically the internet, we now have thousands (if not millions) of bloggers and web content writers, and with programs like google adsense, affiliate marketing, internet marketing and so, a lot of are making good cash, bloggers like Linda Ikeji as proven that Blogging can take anyone into the realms of Ranking in Billionaires.

Business expert in web fields are also making huge income by rendering services like web design, writing of article (freelance writing), web development, blogging and blog creation, web consultancy among others, information marketing and other kind of internet marketing is a proven sign that internet business is on a fastlane growth right now.

If you have better business ideas, or you felt the list is not complete, you can drop your business ideas below as a comment, and if you have further questions, you can ask them, i will surely reply them.

Please there are thousands of non-employ youths, graduates and both old and young out there, kindly share this article for them on your social media platforms and also print it for them.