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Business Intelligence Software Vendors Comparison

April 10, 2018

Many companies are looking into business intelligence softwareto help them gather, analyze and report data from various aspects of their businesses.

There are many kinds of software available for business intelligence needs, so it is crucial that each company takes a close look at what it really needs and what kind of software will be most compatible not only with these needs but also with the company dynamics.  It is good idea to set a few criteria in order to find the best software.

One of the first factors the company needs to consider is its size.  A software program designed for a large corporation or conglomerate may not be the best design for a smaller company.

The business should also consider its specific industry.  Analyzing a retail business will be much different than analyzing a service industry such as housekeeping or catering.  The actual users of the software also need to be a factor in order to find the best fit for the company.

Business Intelligence Software Vendors Comparison

This also means that the software itself must not only be accessible to only those who will use but also needs to be user friendly enough for qualified personnel.  For instance, a program such as DBxtra is designed for small to mid-sized business to work over a web browser.

The software gives users complete control over functions including data querying, field expressions, filtering, report behavior and report formatting.

There are also other software programs such as ExcelCube that can work with an existing Excel program to consolidate this information across departments and locations without linking add-ins, databases, formulas and macros.

This particular program helps make budgeting, financial consolidation and reporting easier, faster and more transparent.

Furthermore, the easy to use platform should help companies save time and money, which should increase efficiency and worker productivity.

ExcelCube allows users to spend less time fixing and maintaining report systems as it consolidates and reports across entire Excel workbooks.

These are a few of the things to consider when looking into business intelligence software for a company.  Of course, cost may be a factor and there are indeed some free programs.

However, the features may be limited and may not suffice for the needs of the company.

On the other hand, free software allows users to determine what they really need in a program, so they can find something they can easily implement into the company’s structure.