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Email Bulk Service Quality

February 23, 2018

Are you getting tired of wasting your money buying traffic that only brings hits and isn’t getting your product off the shelf?

Email Bulk Service. With E-Mail advertising you will get as many E-Mail addresses as you want and you have complete control over who will learn about your website and products. Get as many as 250 million addresses and use of our simple system.

You and your company will be extremely surprised at your results. If you don’t believe us, just read our testimonials.

We are dedicated to quality customer service and support for any company trying to members or sales through online sales and promotion. We also offer hundreds of thousands of fresh, new targeted leads for almost every business niche.

Whether you are a marketing pro or just starting out, you will be sure to benefit from the advantages of email marketing which is by far the highest converting type of advertising online.

And with our affordable costs and superior support you can be sure that your business will grow exponentially!

Testimonials from the

After purchasing a list from Mass Email Service I saw a 60% increase in our total sales the day after we ran the campaign. Thank you for your powerful email lists, I recommend you to all my fellow business partners. – Mike Graham

I was tired of pouring hard earned dollars into pop-under ad programs, thanks Mass Email Service for making me realize just how powerful email campaigns can be. – Jenny L

I never realized how easy it was to get my website out there. Mass Email Service allowed me to get 400 new members in just 1 week. Thanks. – Rick S