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Entrepreneurship Courses and Qualifications

July 22, 2018

There are several entrepreneurship available in Estados Unidos. Few of them with duration and eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Certificate Course in International Trade Logistic, Duration: 4 months, Eligibility: Graduation.
  • Executive MBA+M.Com/PGDBA, Duration:2 years, Eligibility: Graduation
  • Executive Postgraduate Program, Duration: 3 years, Eligibility: Graduation (55%)
  • Advanced Diploma in Enterprise Management, Duration: 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation, work experience of 5 – 10 years preferred.
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Duration: 9 months, Eligibility: Graduation
  • Diploma in Planning and Entrepreneurship, Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: 10+2
  • BA (General-Human Resource Development Marketing, Operations Research and Finance), Duration: 2 years 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation
  • PG Diploma in International Business/Entrepreneurship/Small Business and Management of Services
  • Certificate Course in Export Marketing, Duration: 4 months, Eligibility: Graduation
  • Certificate Course in International Business Language, Duration: 5 months, Eligibility: Graduation.
  • PGDBM, Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: Graduate
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management (PGDEM), Duration: 9 months, Eligibility: middle level executive
  • Diploma/Certificate Courses in Entrepreneurship, Duration: 6 months- 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation/ Diploma/10+2 with 3 yr. Exp.
  • Executive Masters in International Trade, Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation
  • Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Duration: 3 years, Eligibility: Bachelor’s/Master’s degree with 5 years exp.
  • Fellow Program in Management (Doctoral Level), Eligibility: B.E. M.E. P.G
  • PG Diploma in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation
  • PGDBA, Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: Graduation
  • PGDEM, Duration: 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation

Most of these courses aim to provide plethora of knowledge and that results in emergence of prospective entrepreneurs. Most of the entrepreneurs in India work in three areas of selling goods, providing services and manufacturing goods.

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