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How to create web pages with a content manager

June 20, 2019

Content management systems (CMS) have a higher degree of complexity. Although in essence they work similarly to a web creator, they are much more difficult to use.

With a web creator, not only can you add simple content such as text and images, but you can also design the entire web page. A classic content manager would in this case be much more limited and its appearance depends in principle on the existing templates.

The best known is WordPress. A ready-made theme is installed and its appearance has just been adjusted with the design options. But if there is something that doesn’t convince you, you will need to modify the CSS or HTML (you or a programmer).

The hosting, the domain, the email, the installation and the level of support you choose will depend on the money you want to spend and your technical knowledge. If you do it yourself, it can be relatively cheap.

A huge advantage, especially in the case of WordPress, is that it has thousands of plugins that allow you to add special features to your website that are not included from the start. A typical example would be WooCommerce, a plugin that adds a complete online store.

By default, WordPress is designed for a single language, but there are plugins, such as WPML that make it possible to have translations of the page. Another favorite is Yoast’s SEO plugin, which allows you to modify settings for search engines (e.g. Google).

In our introductory video you will see a short summary of what you need to keep in mind if you use WordPress.

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