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Tips For Using Email Sequences To Generate Income

April 11, 2017

Most marketers are not leveraging email sequences to their full potential. In their defense, there are myriad other ways to drive traffic and sales. For example, search engine optimization strategies, pay per click marketing, and social media optimization all offer powerful ways to reach your audience. But, they require ongoing tracking and maintenance; in the case of PPC advertising, there’s also an ongoing cost.

By contrast, email sequences can be automated. If your emails are targeted and compelling, they’ll deliver a  continuous stream of traffic that generates passive income. What’s more, the larger your lists grow, the more income you’ll generate. Here are two ideas for integrating email sequences into your current online business.

#1 – Driving Traffic To

Adsense continues to be one of the easiest ways to generate passive income. However, the days of building a 20-page content site, submitting a few articles for links, and waiting for waves of search engine traffic are coming to an end. While your competitors struggle to maintain their lagging rankings, take the road less traveled. Design an email sequence for each of your Adsense sites.

Your sequence does not have to be complicated. It only needs to compel subscribers to visit your site on a regular basis. For example, suppose you have a content site about workers compensation. Income is generated by Adsense clicks. Create an autoresponder sequence that delivers emails twice weekly. Each email should be short enough to motivate subscribers to visit a specific page on your site.

Next, set up a Google Alert to keep up with current news in the workers compensation field. You’ll have an endless supply of new material to add to your site with which draw subscribers back.

Be sure to experiment with your emails to improve your clickthrough rate. Writing style, form, length, and layout all play a role. As your list of subscribers grows, so too will your repeat traffic and Adsense income.

#2 – Pushing Subscribers Through Your Marketing Funnel

I’ve mentioned creating an inventory of products at varying price points. There is a powerful psychological reason for doing so. As you know, it is far easier to motivate a current customer to buy another product from you than to entice a new prospect to make a first purchase. Furthermore, each subsequent purchase a customer makes nudges them further up the comfort ladder. In effect, the more they buy, the more comfortable they are buying from you. Email sequences can be designed to encourage your customers to move further along your marketing funnel.

For example, suppose you maintain a site in the weight loss space. You have created a number of Special Reports, ebooks, print manuals, and DVDs that range in price from $7 to $127. A large portion of first-time visitors might be willing to spend $7 for a Special Report. Few would be willing to part with $127 for a package of DVDs. Your email sequence can help maximize the lifetime value of each customer. Here’s how:

Create a small 10-page report and offer it to visitors in exchange for opting into your autoresponder sequence. Within a few days of the opt-in, schedule an email that points out a specific idea mentioned in your report. For example, it might say, “Hi Bob, just wanted to make sure you enjoyed my report and saw the tip on page 7.” A few days later, send another automated message that encourages “Bob” to check out your new $17 ebook that goes into far more detail about the items mentioned in your report.

When Bob purchases your $17 ebook, shift his opt-in to a customer email sequence. Then, use the same principles to graduate him to your next information product along your marketing funnel (a $27/month membership site, perhaps). The more Bob buys from you, the more open he’ll be to buying your higher-priced products. With each product he buys, shift his opt-in to a new email sequence that works to graduate him to the next product.

We’ve only scratched the surface here. My goal was to jumpstart your creativity in designing email sequences that expand your income base. There are many more ways to use them and we’ll explore how you can do so in the near future.